Strata Management Services

What to expect when you partner with Custom Strata

As your strata manager, we partner with you to take care of all that is required when it comes to managing your strata property.

We will ensure your maintenance issues are addressed promptly, your finances are on track, your insurance is valid and your property is expertly managed according to regulations and your by-laws.

Our strata management services focus on key areas including:

Strata administration

Financial management

Maintenance coordination

Support services

By-laws and rules

The Custom Strata Difference

Custom Strata was established in 2008 as an independent, specialist provider of strata management solutions throughout Perth and Western Australia. Leveraging our experience, we offer our clients a simplified and pragmatic approach to providing great strata management solutions.

Responsive communication

Responsiveness is at the heart of how we work. It’s apparent in our secure, reliable systems that provide access to the information you need, our owners’ portals, access to live information, schedules and more.

Fast & efficient service and maintenance requests

You are our priority, and we know communication is key.  We’ll always respond to queries in a timely manner. We think ahead and use our experience to provide practical solutions that enable your community to operate efficiently and effectively.

Full transparency

We speak the language of business.  Experienced in banking and accounting, we’re able to review financial statements and provide insight into forecasting and planning.

Experienced and understanding team of strata experts

Our average strata manager tenure is over 5 years.  With this experience and stability, we have a deep understanding of the benefits and occasional challenges that living in, and working from, strata communities can provide.

Innovative technology

We’re passionate about providing our clients with efficiency and innovation. To make our clients’ lives easier, we’ve partnered with Urbanise who provide a world-class, cloud-based strata management platform.

Strata management service inclusions

Custom Strata Management continues to adopt an all-inclusive  pricing model with only unusual or specialised services attracting an additional cost. Our pricing is transparent, and you’ll be aware of all cost exclusions ahead of time.

We utilise approved Strata Community Australia Strata Management Agreements, and happily provide full transparency in relation to our agreed and additional services.

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Experience the Custom Strata Difference

We really love what we do, and with the help of our clients we build great communities, one property at a time.

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