Payment methods and information


Pay from your pre-registered bank account or credit card.

Pay with DEFT


Biller Code is 96503
Contact your participating financial institution to make a BPAY payment directly from your cheque or savings account. Enter your DEFT Reference Number as shown on the front of your levy payment notice.


Call 1300 301 090 to make a payment using Mastercard, Visa or American Express


Detach the payment slip on your levy payment notice and send it with your cheque payable to DEFT Payment Systems, Locked Bag 2501, Perth WA 6001

Payment Information

What is DEFT

A system allowing easy, secure levy payments using a DEFT reference number which is directly associated with your strata property and enables automated reconciliation of all payments. You can make one-off payments by card, online or over the phone, without registering.

Alternatively, you can register for DEFT, which allows payments by card or bank account, online or over the phone. You can also make online payments that are one-off, future-dated, or recurring. Registering for DEFT provides additional benefits such as the ability to keep track of your payment history and easy management of multiple reference numbers. You will also receive email notifications when payments are made and when scheduled payments are unsuccessful.

Fees and Charges

DEFT displays all relevant fees and charges on their website, current fees attributed to the most common payment types are:

Bank account transactions (including direct debit arrangements and one-off payments) $0.85 per transaction

Card transactions (including direct debit arrangements and one-off payments)
Visa Debit: 0.40% surcharge
Visa Credit: 1.50% surcharge
Visa International: 4.00% surcharge
MasterCard Debit: 0.40% surcharge
MasterCard Credit: 1.20% surcharge
MasterCard International: 4.80% surcharge
American Express: 1.5% surcharge
Diners Club: 3.773% surcharge

*The surcharge is a percentage of the transaction amount.

BPAY (including credit cards) (via your existing bank) Nil

Cheque (via our Locked Bag service) Nil