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Leveraging our extensive experience to offer a simplified and pragmatic approach to providing great strata management.

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Perth’s Leading Strata Management Team

  • Simple
    adj. |
    Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty
  • Community
    n. |
    A group of people living in the same place
  • Management
    n. |
    The process of dealing with or arranging things

With a dedicated and engaged team, we use innovative systems to deliver simplified strata management solutions that are knowledgeable, accessible, and cost-effective throughout Perth and Western Australia for residential, commercial and mixed use communities.

We understand that communities are unique and they mean something different to each owner. That’s why we treat each property with attention and professionalism, providing a high-quality level of service.

Strata management is more than just collecting levies, dealing with maintenance requests, and arranging annual general meetings. We manage your asset, but we also manage the relationships with the people who make your home or business part of the wider community.


Owners of more than 3,000 homes and business premises trust Custom Strata to manage their most valuable asset: their property.

Strata Management

We bring over a decade of strata management experience to our portfolio of properties throughout Perth and Western Australia. With our team of professionals, depth of knowledge, responsive service, and secure systems, we deliver comprehensive management solutions.

Facility Management

With a focus on smarter building management and integrated monitoring systems, Custom Facility Management offers facility and building management solutions for sophisticated residential, commercial and mixed-use strata properties.

The Custom Strata Difference

Responsive communication

Being responsive to our clients is at the heart of how we work.

Fast & efficient service requests

Our priority is you, and we understand that communication is key.

Transparent financial reporting

The language of business. We love banking and accounting, and provide a transparent approach to financial management.

Experienced team

Our clients experience the dedication, experience and stability of our loyal team.

Innovative technology

We’re passionate about efficiency and have partnered with a world-leading software provider to offer streamlined solutions for your community.

Strata Management

We’re not satisfied with providing standard services. Our strata management services are provided by experts, who happen to be members of our highly experienced team.

We have expertise in providing and facilitating:

Complex Strata and property issues
Contract Management
Financial Management
Maintenance Administration
Dispute Resolution

Complex Strata and property issues
Contract Management
Financial Management
Maintenance Administration
Dispute Resolution

Working with great people

We love engaging with well-rounded people who share a dedication to our work, a commitment to our clients and a high level of enthusiasm to work alongside us.

With a structured training and mentoring program, we love introducing new people to the world of strata management.

Maintenance partners are part of our team

We pride ourselves on working with skilled tradespeople who possess the same dedication we do. For large repairs, we’re happy to secure multiple quotes, so our clients can be assured that they’re getting value for their investment.

We maintain a practice of resolving maintenance items in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Where possible we encourage the use of proactive maintenance for your community.

Commercial, industrial and mixed-use properties

We know commercial, industrial and mixed-use buildings can bring their own challenges.

Each property is unique, our strata managers establish effective communications with each client, understand the financial arrangements and ensure that all expectations and obligations are understood.

Community portal

No more waiting for office hours — you can access it all 24/7.

With a simple and modern design, MyCommunity provides instant access to your property information, including:

  • Real-time financial information
  • Instant access to property documents
  • Easy access to levy balances and payments
  • Contact information at your fingertips
  • Manage your contact information
  • Online supplier payment approval (committee only)
  • Enhancing your community living
MyCommunity login

Efficient Communication

Custom Strata’s continuing growth profile is supported by a passion for efficiency and the embracing of the latest strata specific management software and technology - Urbanise.  This cloud based platform integrates management, communication and financial functions into a single collaborative platform.

Included within the MyCommunity Platform are powerful communication tools for strata managers and clients, including maintenance ticketing and workflows, SMS, lobby screen systems and a digital notice board.

Transparent Financial Reporting

MyCommunity integrates with our strata management software and (depending upon access level) provides the owners and caretakers with unprecedented access to live financial information and graphical overlays, including:

  • General ledger transactions
  • Actual to budget performance
  • Accounts payable
  • Arrears balances
  • Levy collection information
  • Budget details and breakdown
  • Income and expenditure for the year

You can also access all strata-related documents from your portal, including:

  • Insurance policies
  • Management statements
  • Strata plans
  • Welcome packs
  • House rules

“On behalf of the committee of Council of Owners of Fairways, I wish to convey our confidence in the business acumen of Custom Strata Management. As a resident of Fairways since 2014, I have been a committee member, ex-Chairman and currently act Treasurer for all 26 units in the complex. During this time we have not experiences any short comings in the business acumen of the company, particularly, Maddison Doyle. I cannot recommend highly enough to any prospective clients, the capacity of the company to attend to their requirements as a Strata Management company.”

Edward Kelly

“Linda has been the Strata Manager for our mixed-use commercial/residential property for two years. Since she stepped into the role I have been impressed with her outstanding knowledge of strata rules and regulations and their effective application. Of equal importance though, is the fact that Linda is always approachable, friendly and professional. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.”


“We have been with Custom Strata since 2014 and appreciate their guidance on strata issues we have. Custom Strata also provide reliable contractors that help with maintenance. Linda is our Strata Manager, she is quick to respond to our requests, and matters are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Great service with expert knowledge and assistance.”

Council of Owners

“We switched to Custom Strata 5 years ago after a bad experience with another strata property manager, and really noticed the difference straight away with a knowledgeable and professional team ensuring we were operating and budgeting properly for our strata complex. A special mention to our current strata manager, Jessica, who has been brilliant in general, but especially patient and responsive when dealing with multiple queries as we sort through our larger maintenance items for the first time this year.”


“We have had the pleasure of Linda Morfitt acting as our strata manager since the inception of our body corporate. In that time we have found Linda particularly knowledgeable, helpful and proactive throughout all our dealings with her she has provided exceptional service, great communication and ongoing support and information. Linda is extremely positive at all times and we greatly appreciate all she brings to our working relationship and I would have no hesitation in recommending Linda and Custom Strata to prospective future clients.”


“We have been with Custom Strata since December 2017. We are very pleased with the team at Custom especially the Strata Manager Linda who has been very efficient and effective in getting work done. Since engaging Custom Strata, we have been on track with our building maintenance program and any issues raised were attended to in a timely manner. An efficient and friendly team, and we would recommend them anytime.”

Tuart Hill

“Custom Strata have been so easy to deal with. After many struggles in relation to our previous Strata Manager it was time to look for someone new. Without hesitation we chose Custom Strata and have never looked back. The changeover went smoothly and previous issues raised with our former Strata Manager were discussed and resolved expediently without any fuss. Custom Strata's friendly and warm staff members are always prepared to listen and advise all tenants on any strata issues in a professional and timely manner. The integrated management programme provides easy online access for all and keeps the COO suitably informed.”


“Our community of 42 units has been managed by Joanne and the team at Custom Strata since 2010. Joanne continues to provide great, attentive service and is quick to respond with any issues that may arise. Based on my experience over the last 10 years, I would not hesitate to recommend Custom Strata.”

Victoria Park

“Over the past 12months the Council of Owners have had some challenges and are taking on a more active role than previously experienced. During this time Linda has provided guidance and has gained the support of all councillors. We have just had our AGM which we knew was going to be challenging with a small minority of owners trying to change the current arrangements. Linda chaired the meeting and having her expert and strong leadership meant that these issues were dealt with fairly and it allowed members like myself to be completely open and straight forward about these issues.”

South Perth

“Custom Strata has been our Strata Manager for the past 2 years which was when the building was handed over with all new owners. I have been a member of the Council of Owners for that time and have had the pleasure of regular communication with Custom Strata and Linda Morfitt, our Strata Manager, in particular. As with all new buildings there have been teething problems and Linda has been integral in ensuring all issues were dealt with quickly, efficiently and with the owners best interests at heart. She has guided us through maintenance contract negotiations, been our representative when dealing with the builder and at all times been patient, supportive and professional to the point where we have the greatest faith in her advice and recommendations. I recommend Custom Strata if you are looking to engage a Strata Management company.”


“In the time that we have been at this property, Custom Strata has taken very good care of us. We have found our strata manager, Jessica Steere to be very approachable and helpful. She has always responded promptly to any enquiries we have made and then kept us updated with how our query/claim is going. This is our first experience owning a commercial property, so we are grateful to have such a capable strata manager looking after us.”



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