Our Services

Detailed information of the services that Custom Strata Management provides is below.


Custom Strata’s continuing strong growth profile is supported by a passion for efficiency and the embracing of the latest strata-specific management software and technology.  Custom Strata Management utilises Strataware, a strata-specific management program developed by Urbanise Ltd.  Strataware is used to manage some of the world’s most iconic projects by leading property developers.

Clients of Custom Strata enjoy individually domiciled Bank Accounts and access to the latest payment gateways for contribution payments.   At the request of the Council of Owners, we can establish and facilitate at call or fixed term investments for strata company funds.

Clients of Custom Strata also have access to our MyCommunity platform.  MyCommunity integrates with our management software and provides each property with an innovative communication tool for managers, board members, owners and residents of strata properties.

MyCommunity merges seamlessly with Strataware and offers extensive capabilities, which include:

Home Page for Each Property

Home Page for each property with the ability to upload your own images and text.

Connected to Strataware

Each MyCommunity page is directly connected to Strataware providing a live data feed with no uploading/downloading of information required.

Lot Owners Access

Lot Owners have access to individual levy ledgers, levy notices and receipts

Council of Owners Access

Council of Owners have access to all levy ledgers and arrears information.

Live Financial Reporting with Graphical Overlays

Extensive live financial reporting, with graphical overlays for:

  • Admin/Reserve fund balances
  • General Ledger transactions
  • Actual to Budget performance
  • Accounts Payable
  • Arrears balances
  • Levy collection information
  • Budget details and breakdown
  • Income and expenditure for the year


Every property on the MyCommunity platform has its own website. This website has all the typical community information available to the public along with a number of features that can be managed by the Strata Manager or Council of Owners.

  • Photo galleries
  • Google map integration showing local schools, transport, hospitals, shops & restaurants
  • Floor plans & developer details
  • Live Community Events and the Community Wall

Financial Reporting

Custom Strata prides itself on the level of financial transparency it is able to provide for all clients via the MyCommunity portal.

MyCommunity allows sharing of all financial information with Council of Owner Members and Lot Owners. Financial reports such as the Annual Budget, Income and Expenditure, Balance Sheet and the General Ledger can be viewed live online at any time – initially this functionality is only provided to Council of Owners, however access can be expanded if requested.

Financial reporting is conducted in real time, so as soon as an entry is made in Strataware, it is reflected immediately in MyCommunity.

Custom Strata, through Strataware, can also accommodate properties requiring sophisticated, multiple Cost Centre accounting capabilities.

Should the Council of Owners seek to audit the strata company accounts, Custom Strata has business relationships with Registered Company Auditors who we can provide direct log on access to the strata company’s accounts via Strataware. This level of direct access benefits the efficiency of the audit process and can reduce the associated costs.

Maintenance and Service Requests

Lot owners can lodge maintenance and service requests electronically with their strata manager. Every time a request is made, a unique ticket number is generated, and both the lot owner and the strata manager automatically receive an e-mail outlining the details of the request. Comments can be made against requests, and every time there is a comment or update, both the strata manager and the lot owner are notified via email.

Our strata managers also welcome maintenance and service requests via direct email or by phone call, although the ownership, transparency and tracking of requests made electronically via MyCommunity make this the preferred method.
Although completely independent, Custom Strata maintains access to a wide range of trusted, experienced contractors and trades who can facilitate most day to day maintenance requirements.

We maintain a practice of resolving maintenance items in a proactive, efficient and cost effective manner and consider value, rather than just cost when engaging contractors.  The expectations of the Council of Owners with regards the engagement of third party contractors and service provider’s forms part of the opening conversation following our appointment.

We would be pleased to continue to use contractors with which the strata company already has existing relationships.