At Custom Strata our perception of strata management is far more than collecting levy contributions, having the building painted or paying the bills. We don't just manage strata property - we provide specialist strata management services to people.

Custom Strata is a specialist provider of strata management services throughout Perth and Regional Western Australia.  We only manage strata property and are not conflicted by being part of a real estate sales or property management business.  Our current portfolio is diverse, and includes 4 lot residential sites, large mixed-use properties, multi-story residential apartments and large commercial sites.      

We utilise the latest strata specific software for the management of all strata properties, maintain seperately domiciled accounts for each property and provide the latest payment systems to facilitate the efficient payment of levy contributions. 

Our clients also have access to the MyCommunity program which is an exclusive web based platform for developers, managers, board members, owners and residents of strata communities managed by Custom Strata.